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    03 October 2014 MidiBridge 1.59 is now available for iOS8.

    19 September 2014 Unfortunately MidiBridge is not working under iOS8. We are trying to get a fix out as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you rely on MidiBridge, do not update to iOS8.

    24 March 2014 The MidiBus Library has been available for a couple of months and a number of developers have started using it. There are a number of upcoming apps and updates pending and when these have been released the website will carry a list of current apps.

    23 December 2013 John Walden of Music App Blog has posted another excellent review to his site, this time about the MidiBus app. John's reviews are always honest and comprehensive, so please take a look at the MidiBus Review at Music App Blog

    13 December 2013 MidiBus is here. There is an app in the app store and a developer library of the same name. Details of the library are here and an app based on the library is available now in the App Store. This site will be updated with the new app ASAP.

    8 November 2013 MidiBus is progressing and some detail on this is available as a post here.

    18 October 2013 MidiBridge 1.55 is now released which fixes the issue where iOS7 users could not save scenes and presets. Unfortunately the app store version seems to have broken the ability to rotate to landscape mode. This will be looked at as a priority and a bugfix will be pushed out as soon as possible. Update: The issue has been found and fixed.

    6 July 2013 MidiBridge 1.51 now available in the app store. This is primarily a bugfix release with a couple of new features added to the Stream Byter module for delaying individual events, the ability to use input byte 2 as output byte 3 (and vice versa) and a flag for triggering events when a note or controller is held down. Please see this post for full details.

    14 May 2013 MidiBridge 1.5 is finally here! This new version has support for Scene management and a new 'Stream Byter' module that can be used to do things like overlapping splits, multiple keyboard zones and just about anything to do with mapping/cloning and blocking of MIDI events, using rulesets defined by you or us.

    Two videos showing the new features are now available on our youtube channel: Scenes/Program Changer and Stream Byter

    Two online guides to the new features Scenes/Program Changer and Stream Byter are also available.

    Also we are pleased to announce that we have set up a forum for MidiBridge users to get support or discuss MidiBridge. Please visit our soapbox forum and join us.

    02 April 2013 Great tutorial on overall use and a video of splitting the output of SoundPrism Pro to two apps to use separate sounds for bass and melody at Apps4 iDevices.

    31 March 2013 A number of requests have been received about using the new MPC Fly with BeatMaker 2. We have produced a simple step-by-step guide to using MidiBridge to map the Fly's pads to BeatMaker 2's. The guide is available here.

    4 February 2013 John Walden of Music App Blog has written a splendid and comprehensive review of MidiBridge, click/touch here Thanks, John!

    Work is starting on version 1.5 of MidiBridge which will add in the most user requested features:

    • Scenes - save/recall entire MidiBridge setups (routings and modules) via the screen or MIDI program change commands.
    • Meta Mapper - map any incoming MIDI message to any outgoing MIDI message, so you can map note events to CC events. Essentially anything to anything. One for the expert tinkerers ;-)

    There are a good few other features to be added too, including support for some new hardware and a useful sync bridge, but need to prototype these for feasibility. Planned release date is end March/start April.

    20 November 2012 Bugfixes for all MIDI apps released today should fix those issues with sysex being truncated.

    23 October 2012 Today we released new versions of all our MIDI apps to support OMAC compliant app fast-switching via MIDI messages. This feature allows you to switch between OMAC apps using buttons on a keyboard/controller or a remote MIDI controller app like TouchOSC.

    See it in action on our youtube channel

    There is also a guide on setting up the MidiBridge App Selector module here

    Download our sample TouchOSC template here.

    21 September 2012 iOS6 is out. Anyone having any problems, please email us. In particular if you're using the original Line6 Midi Mobilizer or Akai Synthstation or new iPhone 5 please let us know if MidiBridge/MidiVision/FreEWI are working for you (or not).

    Update - MidiBridge (and all our MIDI apps) work fine under iOS6.

    20 July 2012 Following on from a bit of experimentation today, we decided to remove Silent and Silent4 from the website and Silent (the original app for iOS3) from the App Store. For full details and legacy information about these apps, please look here. In the meantime we'll be sticking with just our MIDI apps for iOS.

    29 June 2012 MidiBridge 1.41 released. Fixes problem with Synthstation 25 losing/hanging notes when played quickly.

    25 June 2012 There appears to be an issue with MidiBridge 1.4 with the Akai Synthstation 25. The symptoms are that notes hang or don't play, usually with Garageband. It appears to be a memory issue (no, it was a coding bug) and we're working on a fix. As soon as we fix it we'll submit a bug fix update. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Update 26 June - Bug found and fixed. Currently being beta-tested but new version submitted to Apple just in case no issues found in beta to get fix out ASAP

  • 06 June 2012 MidiBridge 1.4 has been released. We'll be updating the site here with the new version over the next weeks (or so when we get a chance), but the App Store description, the new modules guide and the manual here all refer to the new version.

  • 31 May 2012 On Monday, MidiBridge 1.4 was submitted for review to Apple and hopefully the new version will appear in the App Store soon. The main new feature (along with bug fixes) is the inclusion of MIDI modules that can be inserted across event streams on every port to map notes, velocities, controllers and perform keyboard/velocity splits and transform notes. Also included is the beforementioned H-Pi Microtuning for H-Pi Microtonal Keyboards support.

    In preparation for the new version we have prepared a new tutorial type document, Understanding MidiBridge Modules. Follow the link for a sneak preview of the new module feature.

  • 14 May 2012 New HOWTO - driving Animoog from BeatMaker 2. Click/touch here. Almost done with the forthcoming 1.4 release of MidiBridge; hope to submit to Apple by the end of the week.

  • 24 April 2012 Following on from a thread on the intua forums we have augmented our 'Understanding MidiBridge' guide to include a step-by-step recipe for giving NanoStudio a virtual MIDI input using MidiBridge so you can control Nano with other (backgroundable) apps like BeatMaker 2 or Little Midi Machine. Click/touch here to see the recipe.

  • 17 Apr 2012 There hasn't been much written here over the last few months as we're busy getting MidiBridge 1.4 ready for release which will feature some new event processing features like event remapping and velocity curves.

  • 31 Jan 2012 Been receiving reports that the MidiBridge crack has a performance problem while processing events. Downloaded and tried it and sure enough it processes events s-l-o-w-l-y. Have no idea why. That's a terrible shame because it makes the app look flaky and we can't do anything about it. The official paid version doesn't exhibit this problem, so (buyer?) beware.

  • 25 Jan 2012 Development is underway of MidiBridge 1.4 which will include support for H-Pi microtonal instruments.

  • 10 Jan 2012 New entries in the MidiBridge support section concerning issues with Music Studio and Animoog. MidiBridge (just) in top 10 music apps for 2011 at - thank you!

  • 09 Jan 2012 Apple removed Silent4 from the App Store without the courtesy of letting us know despite the fact that the app is before their App Review Board (who have not made a decision as far as I know). To all existing Silent4 customers, sorry, but it doesn't seem that the crucial bugfix that has been ready for ages is ever going to see the light of day. For iPhone users who wanted a solution for unobtrusively monitoring the silent/ringer switch there is no longer any option in the App Store - so much for choice.

  • 11 Dec 2011 Attention BeatMaker 2.2 users - to drive BM2 from MidiBridge, send events to the 'MidiBridge' virtual output and not the BeatMaker 2 port.

  • 09 Dec 2011 Silent4 update rejected by Apple and they have also issued an ultimatum to cripple it, add voip features or remove from sale. Considering options...

    On a lighter note, FreEWI has been approved and is available now. Designed for MidiBridge but can work with other apps too. And it's free.

  • 30 Nov 2011 There's a nasty little bug in Silent4 where it won't always detect correctly whether the iPhone is in Silent mode. This affects slower/busier devices and the symptoms are that the badge comes and goes in silent mode and the reminders may not issue. An update has been submitted to Apple to address this.

    A new guide to understanding MidiBridge has been created following a little bit of confusion over how it can connect to certain types of apps and the new 'Compatible Applications' panel. You can read the guide here. There's also a few new videos showing MidiBridge in action with the SS25. Links to those are in the new guide.

    MidiVision 1.5 released today which includes Akai SS25 support and fast-switching.

  • 29 Nov 2011 MidiBridge 1.3 (SynthStation 25 support, OMAC fast-switch & Drum Remap) released today. Silent4 1.4 (iOS5 support) released today. MidiVision still pending but hopefully over the next couple of days.

    Hope to submit new free app 'FreEWI', a companion to MidiBridge (although can be used standalone with suitable apps) which maps controllers, channels, program changes and transposes MIDI events inline. Designed for EWI players, but usable for any live MIDI instrument player who needs this type of control.

  • 20 Nov 2011 iOS5 issue solved for Silent4. New version submitted to App Store for review. SynthStation 25 support for MidiBridge done and tested. Should be ready for submission over the next couple of days.

  • 26 Oct 2011 Articles about MidiBridge on synthtopia, (in Portugese) and even a video (thanks Marcus) of MidiBridge breathing life into the original Midi Mobilizer.

  • 25 Oct 2011 Hoping to add Akai Synthstation 25 support to MidiBridge/MidiVision over the coming weeks. Looks fairly straightforward. Bugfix (issue with Midi Mobilizer II being seen as two separate input and output devices) currently with Apple review.

  • 22 Oct 2011 Silent4 and iOS5 - Apple has responded to our Technical Support Incident and been unambiguous about the situation; the change to the generally used silent/ring switch mechanism was planned, and unfortunately there is now no allowable way of detecting the state of the silent/ring switch on iOS5. We have filed an API change request with Apple in the hope that a future release of iOS will have a way of detecting the switch mode that an app can make use of.

    The end result is that Silent4 will not work under iOS5 but may work again in the future if Apple provide the means.

    If you are a Silent4 customer who upgraded to iOS5 only to find it didn't work - don't (just) write a lousy review - be sure to let Apple know! The more customers who notify Apple about this, the more likely they are to implement the API change request. In a way, dear customers, the future of Silent4 is in your hands.

    You can provide feedback to Apple at

  • 21 Oct 2011 MidiBridge 1.1 has just been released on the AppStore. This new version is backgroundable and also supports Virtual MIDI ports. You can use it to add support for the original Midi Mobilizer to apps that don't support it (eg. Arctic Keys). As long as the other app is backgroundable and has CoreMIDI Virtual or Network support, you start the app, background it and then bring MidiBridge to the foreground, connect MMZ to the app and voila. When animoog becomes backgroundable then you can control that externally via an original MMZ too.

  • 17 Oct 2011 Having been unable to find an alternative mechanism for determining silent/ringer mode on the iPhone, we have filed a technical support incident with Apple. Hopefully we'll be able to come up with a solution which will be included in the next Silent4 release which existing customers would get automatically at no charge. In the meantime, our apologies, but Silent4 will not work on iOS5.

  • 14 Oct 2011 Seems the 'trick' used to determine silent mode switch setting no longer works in iOS5. Will now investigate whether there is an alternative.

  • 13 Oct 2011 Been receiving reports from early adopters that Silent4 isn't working on iOS 5; seems to think iPhone is always in ringer mode. Will look into this as soon as possible.
  • 05 Oct 2011 MidiVision version 1.2 has been released today. Free update for all current customers. Ooops - bug update - there seems to be an issue with the code that migrates settings from one version to another that causes a crash. To workaround, please delete and re-install the application. Apologies. Will fix ASAP

  • 28 Sep 2011 MidiVision version 1.2 has been submitted to Apple for review. This new version adds CoreMIDI support for physical, network and virtual MIDI interfaces and will also run in the background. The event routing has been rewritten to use the MidiBridge routing engine, so MIDI thru performance has been vastly improved. It also has a new jitter reduction mode which when turned on will stabilise event times leaving the app to avoid stutter. This is especially effective on the Midi Mobilizer I and works wonderfully with output from sequencers. The trade-off is that it adds 250ms of thru latency.

    Next up is to add virtual CoreMIDI interface support (and backgrounding and jitter reduction) to MidiBridge. Hopefully that will be ready to submit for Apple's review next week.

  • 02 Sep 2011 Yesterday a cracked version of MidiBridge was posted courtesy of 'Joe' and we're flattered; thanks for that. For those potential customers with jailbroken devices, we'd like to encourage you to try out MidiBridge for free and see if it suits your needs. If you think it is cool and useful and you wish to use the app, please consider rewarding us by purchasing a legit copy from the App Store. You'll get more timely updates that way too and you won't have to wait for 'Joe' to do his thing. There seems to be at least one bug in his version that he's introduced with his cracking, so please don't blame us if the cracked version doesn't work quite as well. If you're having problems getting the cracked version to work, don't feel you can't email us for support; we'd be delighted to hear from you. ;-)

    MidiBridge took around 200 hours of work and based on the sales of MidiVision and the current sales of MidiBridge it might sell 100 or so copies in a year. We get €4.50 from Apple for each copy sold so effectively we've produced MidiBridge for €2.25 per hour (a quarter of Ireland's minimum wage - would have been better off spending the time flipping burgers). For nine US Dollars MidiBridge will give you features that cost about 200 bucks (US$) in equivalent hardware, so although it might seem steep in comparison to other apps (that have a much wider market) actually, its a bargain. You can download the cracked version on AppTrackr here but hopefully your conscience will prevail if you continue to use it past a reasonable trial period (or the cracked version bricks your iDevice).

  • 24 Aug 2011 There has been a lot of interest in MidiBridge since launch which is fantastic. In the last week a bunch of iOS developers have been discussing setting up a standard to enable multiple apps to communicate with each other while running simultaneously on an iOS device. This would mean that MidiBridge could be used in the background as a patchbay/router to send data from a controller app to multiple apps as well as external/network interfaces all at once. We have already updated our MIDI engine to be 'Virtual Cable' compliant and would hope that this agreement becomes a standard for iOS MIDI internal interconnectivity. There is still an issue with how iOS backgrounding works which will need to be resolved somehow; there's a workaround but it isn't pretty.

  • 22 Aug 2011 We're thrilled that MidiBridge is available in the App Store as of today.

    Work is also underway to extend MidiVision with CoreMIDI support and graft in the new lightning-fast filtering/routing code that was developed for MidiBridge. We hope to have this released in September.

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