Dublin (Ireland) based software developer specialising in musicians' applications for the Apple iOS/macOS platforms. We began writing commercial software in 1984 and have been developing in C for 20+ years. As well as realising our own ideas we are also available for custom development; contact us to discuss your project. If you're interested in reviewing any of our apps for a website or publication, please drop us a line for a promo code. We're also responsible for the MidiBus MIDI Developer Library for iOS and MacOS-X and part of the musicIO team.

Available iOS/macOS apps:
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New! MidiPace - MIDI clock signal stabiliser and distributor for CoreMIDI (iOS and macOS)

Feed MidiPace a clock signal and it will produce a very accurate and stable version with zero latency. Built with the MidiBus MIDI Library.

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mfx Series - A collection of 6 easy to use and powerful MIDI FX plugins for iOS and macOS.

Use them standalone with CoreMIDI or as AUv3 plugins inside host apps like Logic Pro X, AUM, Cubasis and apeMatrix. Built with the MidiBus MIDI Library.

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StreamByter - Programmable AUv3 MIDI Effect for iOS and macOS.

Create your own custom MIDI FX and use them inside host apps like Logic Pro X, AUM, Cubasis and apeMatrix. Built with the MidiBus MIDI Library.

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MidiFire - free-form, modular CoreMIDI environment for iOS and macOS.

The best parts of MidiBridge, MidiBus, MidiVision and a whole lot more rolled into one flexible and powerful package for iDevices and Mac. Built with the MidiBus MIDI Library.

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MidiBus - Ultra stable MIDI clock sync generator and measurement tool

The first app to deploy the MidiBus Library, MidiBus is a tool for generating a MIDI clock signal that can be fed to hardware and apps for reliable MIDI sync. On the flipside, you can use MidiBus to measure incoming clock signals and determine latency, jitter and position. The clock can be remote controlled via MIDI in terms of starting/stopping and setting tempo either explicitly or tap.

Additional resources:

GigRig MIDI+ - MIDI file capture utility

Capture, replay, save, recall and share MIDI events quickly and easily. Define/Learn MIDI triggerable textual 'cues' that can be displayed (fullscreen) as they are received. Pre-configured for use with TheGigRig's G2 guitar FX switching system.

MidiMetro - Sample accurate MIDI metronome

Standalone or MIDI clock syncable metronome with 0.0226 millisecond accuracy. Metronome sound issued via speaker or can be inserted as an Inter-App Audio instrument in host apps like musicIO, Cubasis or Auria. Responds comprehensively to MIDI tempo, time signature and song position pointer.

FreEWI - Inline virtual MIDI event mapper and transposer

Designed as an add-on to MidiBridge following requests from EWI players, FreEWI (pronounced Free-Wee) is a music utility app that allows processing of MIDI events that pass through it.

musicIO - Audio and MIDI over USB

Audeonic is 1/3 of the team that brings you musicIO. Interconnect your iOS devices with your desktop (windows or mac) and stream audio and MIDI between them at low latency over the USB cable.

MidiBridge - MIDI patchbay router and event manipulator
(legacy app - no longer available)
  • Interconnect any MIDI in to any MIDI out on your iOS device including physical, network, bluetooth and virtual CoreMIDI ports.
  • Breathe life into your Akai Synthstation 25 and Line6 Midi Mobilizer (original) by making them CoreMIDI capable.
  • Transmit to/from external MIDI devices to a remote DAW (for example) or other MIDI device wirelessly using CoreMIDI networking.
  • Filter MIDI events separately on each input or output.
  • Clone MIDI events from one input to several outputs.
  • Split MIDI events from one output across several outputs.
  • Transform MIDI events passing through any input or output port using modules (eg. transpose, velocity curve, keyboard splits) including the user programmable 'Stream Byter'.
  • Microtune your H-Pi Microtonal UPLEX/TPX keyboard.
  • All MIDI traffic is supported, including sysex

Additional resources:

MidiVision - Real-time MIDI analyser
(legacy app - no longer available)

A swiss-army knife utility for real-time and inline MIDI event monitoring, capturing and filtering. Perfect for troubleshooting and analysing MIDI sources in a compact and portable package. If you need to see what any MIDI device is sending then using MidiVision (and physical, network or virtual MIDI interface) on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad provides a simple, handy and extremely portable solution.

Getting Assistance

If you have any pre-sales or support queries about any of our apps please email us (email at bottom of page) or visit our soapbox forum to find announcements, answers or pose questions.

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